The 2018 Running Club will begin meeting weekly on August 24, 2019 at 8:00 AM.  While our culminating event is the MCM Turkey Trot 10K in November, the primary goal of this running club is to have fun while becoming fitter.  We welcome people of all abilities to join us weekly on Saturday mornings to share in some camaraderie.  We will start out with a run/walk approach for shorter durations (30 mins) and as we get stronger, we will progress to longer run/walks (60 mins).

We train at Locust Shade Park (next to the Marine Corps Museum near Quantico), where there are plenty of trails and vehicle traffic is minimal.  That being said, we ask that athletes interested in participating are good with taking directions so partners can ensure they remain safe.  Also, WE ALWAYS NEED PARTNERS!  The past couple of seasons we succeeded at having a 1:1 athlete partner/ratio.  We would love to continue that streak so if you have a volunteer in mind- please pass this email along.  

Our runners (athletes and partners) range in all types of abilities- so there is no such thing as too slow.  We just ask that you have a positive attitude and a desire to run/walk distance.   

Please contact Jane Parron at jparron77@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the club as an athlete or partner or have any questions.  Again, all you need is a desire to have fun through running